All about – Factors affecting Nail Growth

Some people are lucky enough to get nails that grow quickly and don’t seem to break, while others have nails that are weak and seem to take forever to grow. Below is a quick list of factors that affect nail growth.

Age- As you get older nail growth slows.

Gender – Men’s nails tend to grow quicker than women’s.

Diet – A healthy diet will help nails grow quicker and stronger.

Medication – Some medication can effect nail growth making it faster or slower as well as affecting the nail strength.

Illness – Illness will slow nail growth due to the body trying to recover and fight the illness.

Pregnancy – Pregnancy speeds up nail growth due to the hormonal changes.

Circulation – Poor circulation will slow nail growth as the nail won’t be getting the nutrients and oxygen it needs.

Climate – Nails grow quicker in a hotter environments, this also means that your nails will grow at different rates depending on the time of year..

Trauma – Trauma can slow the rate of nail growth and cause growth to be different across one nail.

Chemical – Chemicals can slow nail growth and cause them to be weaker.

Nail care – A good nail care routine will help nails grow stronger and longer.

Sources and more information:

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